I miss you Tuesdays: Ello Govna!

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Earlier this year I made the decision to pay my family members a little visit.  It has been almost six years since we haven’t seen each other.  To be quite honest, I was more excited at the fact that I was going to visit my favorite city in the world…LONDON. I have traveled to England many times and each time I visited the country it feels as though I’m seeing it for the first time.

I must say, that this visit was a bit different than the others. While my intentions were to spend most of my time with the majority of my family, I ended up doing the complete opposite. I was everywhere.  I took my cousin up on her offer to be tour guide. Don’t get me wrong…from my last experiences when it came to shopping…. I knew where all the stores were located, but what I wanted to do was a little site seeing. I visited places like the Princess Diana Memorial, Royal Albert Hall, Hyde Park and science museums. I had a blast!!!!

I was looking at some of my photos from that trip and realized how much I really missed that beautiful city. I began to wonder if I would still have this great appreciation for London if my mother had not made the decision to give up her citizenship to relocate back to the Caribbean. I guess I will never know…

 Peep some of my photos from my London vacation.

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