On The Run Mondays: Stress, Stress and More Stress..Boooo!

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As many of you know, one of the leading causes of various health issues is due to STRESS!! We experience stress in all aspects of our lives. Whether it’s at work, school, in relationships, in friendships or at home… stress is everywhere. Some may handle stress very well and others not so well. Here are a few health problems that stress may cause:

  • An increase in acne breakouts
  • Headaches/migraines
  • diarrhea 
  • nausea 
  • indigestion 
  • constipation

The last couple of months for me have been quite hectic. There were things going on in my life that were in and out of my control. Even though I tried to control the amount of stress I was experiencing… it still took a toll on me. My skin…or should I say my face paid the price. I felt as if I was re-living my adolescent years. I had the worst breakouts. Even when I was using my store bought acne solutions, I was still experiencing an abnormal increase of breakouts.

So, not only was I stressing about whatever was going on in my life; I was now stressing about the appearance of my face. I couldn't handle it and I decided enough was enough. I needed to get my stress under control…de-stressing was a must!  I decided to revert back to some of the techniques I had learned while in a stressful position at a previous employer.
These were some of the things I did to decrease my stress levels:

  • Worked out after work at the gym or at home
  • I took 10 minute walks
  • Paused and took slow deep breaths
  • Listen to music that got me in a happy mood
  • Vent to a confidant
  • Practiced Yoga

If you would like to learn other useful tips on how to de-stress, Harvard Health Publication has listed 10 ways to do so. Visit: http://www.health.harvard.edu/healthbeat/10-simple-steps-to-help-destress

I hope this help and please feel free to share tips that may work for you.

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