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With every new season a new trend follows. For this winter 2012/13…it’s all about brooches and large stone jewelry. When it comes to brooches, they are not just an accessory piece. They are absolutely a great way to add a bit of beauty to an outfit. A brooch can be worn in many several ways.

Ways to wear a brooch:

  1.  In the hair
  2.  On a coat/jacket/blazer
  3.  On a purse
  4.  On necklaces
  5.  On hats
  6. On Scarves

Gemstones or precious stones on the other hand…are definitely in. What better way to show off you birthstone than to wear them BIG and BRIGHT. Whether it maybe an earring, necklace, ring, bracelet or band, they will most certainly make a statement where ever you go.

Peep pics of different styles of brooches and gemstone pieces:

Antiquities Couture brooch

Carolee brooch


Brooch (clipped to

Betsey Johnson ring

LOFT necklace

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