Hugs & Kisses: Valentines Day Ideas

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Kiss me? Love me? Will you be my Valentine? Valentine’s Day can be one of the most the romantic day or stress filled day out of the year. Many people have a difficult time finding the perfect Valentine’s gift for their significant other. This difficulty may be related to financial hardship or simply fact that you’ve ran out of ideas. Well, have no fear…you don’t have to break the bank to make Valentine’s Day for your significant other the best they’ve ever had. Sometimes it’s the most thoughtful and heartwarming gifts… that stands out the most.

I went to some of my friends and asked them what was the most inexpensive gift or idea they have given/done for Valentine’s Day. So, I have decided to create a list and compiled all of their recommendations and gift ideas below.

Send a hand written poem or love letter to your love.
 You can express how they make you feel. You can remind them of your first kiss. What their touch does to you. Don’t be afraid to show a bit of your naughty side ;). Oh…by the way, it doesn’t have to rhyme.

Make a basket filled with things that he/ she loves.
If you were to buy a gift like this online you would be spending a pretty penny. You can pick up a cheap basket at Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, Walmart and pack it with their favorite candy, cookies, fruits, spa essentials, lipstick, magazines, office supplies, golfing supplies, assorted nips (small alcohol bottles)….anything you can think of…WILL WORK.  

Set up a photograph session for two.
With this idea, you can either book a session or pick up your own camera and snap photos yourselves. This can be themed, whether is photos of your smiles, your eyes, lips or any body part of your choice. Don’t be afraid to get a little adventurous.

Take it “Fifty Shades Of Grey”. 
Most of us have either read the books or have some idea of what those books are about. Well I say, let this tool be a guide. Maybe you possess a bit of kink in you, but is not sure on how to go about expressing that side. Use those books to help create an erotic fantasy of your own. Most couple’s romantic and steamy ideas were taken from someplace else. Whether it’s from a movie (“any type”), magazine, book or friend….the core idea was stemmed from another place.

A dinner for two.
I’m pretty sure that the ingredients that are used to make his/hers favorite meal is half of what is cost at that fancy restaurant of their choice. What better way to impress your better half than to cook him/her a meal right at home. You can always dust off that recipe book you have lying in that corner or simple surf the web and find thousands of recipes at your finger tips. If you’re the type that needs to watch someone create the meal so you can have an idea of what it looks like…then hop on Youtube or find an online cooking channel so you can be walked step by step on how the meal should look/turn out. To spruce things up a bit, add music and candles to you dinner for two.

Made by you.
If you are crafty or is skilled with your hands, nothing can be more personalized than a gift that is made by you. It can be a simple craft such as scrapbooks or homemade picture frames. If you are ok with using a sewing machine, then sew a scarf, hat, shirt or a themed blanket for that special someone. If you like to paint…paint something that they can hang in their living room, bed room, hallway or bathroom.

14 days of love.
This idea is an alteration to the basket filled with their favorite things. Instead of giving your significant other everything on Valentine’s Day, present them with a small gift each day up until Valentine’s Day. It doesn’t have to be 14 days…you can do 7 days or even 5 days…it’s up to you. On Valentine’s Day, the last gift you should present is the gift that is the most meaningful and thoughtful.

I hope these ideas helped or helped sparked some of your own. Please let me know how things turned out if you tried any of the ideas listed above.

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