Seal Search: EPIC FAIL!!!

4:09:00 PM Jem Lawren 0 Comments

Last weekend I was feeling pretty adventurous. So I decided to go on a Seal Search Walk to admire the seals that were sunning offshore. When I got to the location, there were quite a bit of people on the beach waiting for a chance to spot these amazing creatures.  

What can I say…you can’t trust New England it ended up being a no-go.  The beach looked amazing with the semi-thick blanket of fog, but it hindered all chances of spotting a seal. After walking around for about 40 minutes, I gave upon this Seal Search and I decided to take advantage of the scenic beauty that was in front of me. Since I had my camera locked, loaded and ready; it was a perfect opportunity to snap to some photos.

I wanted share some of my photography from my weekend with you today. I hope some of the images will take your breath away as it did mine. To view all of the photographs from my Seal Search weekend, please visit Culture of Venus: Photography & Art @

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