Lets heat things up a bit

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Burrrrr!  My goodness…it’s really cold outside! These past couple of days had temperatures in the single digits. I love New England, but I sure do don’t love the winters. I’m sorry for rambling on, but I’m not sure why I’m not use to the winters by now. I have been in this region for over a decade.  I swear…it’s like a complete shock when winter hits. I tell my friends all the time that I prefer all the other three seasons and that I wish I had the ability to change the weather (actually I do…by hopping on a plane…lol).

 I don’t mind the rainy months we have from the seasons of fall and spring. However, I’ll take summer any day and anytime. The 90 to a scorching 100 degree does not bother me at all. I say…bring it on! I keep telling myself that I should pack up my things and move to sunny California…lol, but then I realize how much I would miss my love ones and close friends.  So, I just continue to stick out the three to four months of winter….boo!

With that said, one thing I love about the summer season is the magnificent colors that are in the sky when the sun is about to rise and set. Whether I visit another state or I’m right at home.  The heat and moisture the summer brings does wonders to the sky. The colors of yellow, orange, red and sometimes purple; nothing can beat a view like that. 

If you have ever read my first post you know that I like to take pictures. Now, I am not a professional photographer, but I do enjoy capturing wonder full moments around me.  I was going through some images that I took over the summer to post on my photography and art site (www.covphotoart.com ) and I came across these beautiful shots of the sun in the sky.

Some of these images where taken in Florida and the others were from the different states I traveled through.

To view all of the other images, please visit Culture of Venus: Photography  & Art @ www.covphotoart.com.

If you would like to know a little about me, please read: http://www.cultureofvenus.com/2012/11/welcome-to-culture-of-venus.html


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