Tie Me Up Baby: How to Tie a Tie

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When it comes to men and fashion….nothing beats a man that is well dressed.  Neckties are one of the sexiest accessories a man can ever wear. A tie can complete a look by adding color or a touch of texture to any outfit.  Ties can be paired with tuxedos, casual pants and blazer or a simple jacket with a cool pair of jeans.

In today’s day and age not many men know how to wear a tie, tie a tie or even have an idea of the different styles of ties that’s out there. Well, I am here to help…. I will not let a sexy culture or style… just die like that. Not on my watch...lol.

I have previously already mentioned how one can wear a tie. I will now list the different type of knots one can tie and also the styles of ties.

The knots:

  1. Windsor Knot
  2. Half Windsor Knot
  3. Pratt Knot
  4. Four in Hand Knot
  5. Persian Knot
  6. Victoria Knot
  7. Oriental Knot
  8. Plattsburgh Knot
  9. St. Andrew Knot
  10. Kelvin Knot
  11. Atlantic  Knot
  12. Diagonal Knot

Types of ties:

  1. Black Solid
  2. Plaid
  3. Color Solid
  4. Floral
  5. Bowties

 Learning how to tie a tie can be quite easy. There are tons of Youtube tutorial on how to tie a tie. If you do a simple search in Google on how to tie a tie….you have plenty of sites to choose from.  Below is an instructional diagram on how to tie some of the knots that I had previously mentioned. Remember…nothing says SEXY, but a well dressed man ;).

Image Source: http://ygraph.com/chart/1444


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