Keeping your face looking fresh: What a mini-travel makeup bag should have

6:37:00 PM Jem Lawren 0 Comments

Ladies, don’t you hate it when you step out of the house with your makeup looking fierce and flawless… only to have all sorts of different factors working against you? Have you ever wondered how you could keep your makeup looking fresh all day long?
We all know that with the everyday hassles we have to experience, this can be a pain in the neck for those who are always on the run. Many of us do not favor the idea of toting around a large makeup bag. Why add another load to you ever so stress full work week?

Well my fabulous chics, it’s time to think smart and compact. There are many stores that carry some travel size makeup essentials so that not obligated to tote around a massive pouch. 

Below is a list of useful tools that will keep your face fresh and flawless all day long. Use these simple tools to refresh your makeup after work, formal dinners or casual parties.  

Your mini-travel makeup bag should have:

Blotting tissues 
Eye/ Lip liner
Lip gloss
Clean applicator sponges
Pressed powder


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