D.I.Y Accent Chair

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A great way to add that extra “umph” to a room is to add an accent chair. An accent chair can bring out the design of a room, the charm of a room or that extra glam you may need for that room.

The end of last summer or early fall, a friend of mind was cleaning out their basement and they had this chair that they were planning on throwing away. I didn’t see anything wrong with this chair except that it was dusty and it had looked out dated. I thought to myself that this would be a great “diy” accent chair.  So I asked them if I could take the chair off their hands since they were planning on throwing it away. I figured that once the chair was finished I would be able to add this décor to my bedroom to give it an extra edge.

 I started to work on the chair two days later and had only stripped one leg of the chair.  After completing one chair leg, different things came up and I had to put this project aside. 

Nine months later or last week… I was looking over some plans and realized that I had not completed the accent chair that I had originally started. So I decided to make this project a priority. I went to the store and purchased the things I would need to complete my chair. 

 Here is the list of items I used in order to finish my project:

Material for the seat - I went with upholstery fabric. You can use faux leather…its entirely up to you.
Foam for the cushioning- I use a foam that was 2”x22”x22”
Box cutter- to help cut the foam
Scissors- to trim the edges of the foam
Long nose pliers- to remove old staples from the previous seat cover
Flat-head screwdriver- to help pry out the old staples
Staple gun- to staple the new cover
Hammer- to hammer down any staples that was not stapled properly
Strip-X- to strip the previous gloss and stain on the chair
Putty Knife
Sanding sponges or sand paper
Gloves and face mask
A new color for chair

Please check out my Youtube video for this D.I.Y Accent Chair which I will upload in a couple of days. 


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  1. I love this, can't wait to try it, IM so happy and proud of u!

    1. I hope you do! Its so much fun. Thanks Chica :)