The London Vacation Update

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Hi Everyone,

As you all know, for the next 30 days I will be residing in London, England.  This past Tuesday I decided that I would visit the city of Oxford. The city my grandmother reside in when she first came to England. It was a pretty cool experience seeing the house that she had once owned  as a resident of Oxford.
While in the city I checked out a couple cool shops and toured the prestigious University of Oxford and its surroundings. One of the shops that I had checked was called The Fibre Works Oxford. This was a shop that specialized in your knitting and crocheting needs. The Fibre Works has a wide variety of  yarns, needles and haberdashery. If you are a beginner or some what skilled crafter, this shop offers classes that will help you enhance your skills. So if you are ever in Oxford, England on Cowley Road check out this beautiful shop.
As I mentioned earlier, I had the opportunity to tour The University of Oxford. The architectural structures of this university was breath taking. I could not believe how beautiful this campus was...a sense of pride and appreciation was on the faces of the students that were still attending the university.
So far I have eaten at some pretty cool restaurants. I love the fact that when you step inside of some of these restaurants, the colors that they have used to decorate the room are vibrant and inviting. It's almost as if they are saying, "please, come in and relax....take a load off".
Below I have included some please feel free to check them out!!!

Also, if you love fashion and if you are fashion. Don't forget to check out:

The Fibre Works

University of Oxford




Well...Ello! Visiting London

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Hey Guys!!

Guess what? I'm in London...woohoo! I could visit this city a thousand times and it will never getting boring to me. 
While I was making travel plans, I decided that I would stay in London for a month. I wanted to explore England a bit more....there is so much I haven't seen as yet.  
It has only been a couple of days since I've arrived and I've already checked out a couple new restaurants that had opened up since the last time I was here. 
Due to my American accent, random strangers have come up to me and recommended several places that I should visit before I leave. 
I can't wait to post all of the cool, amazing, beautiful and interesting things that will see and experience while I'm on my trip. So stay tune :)