Make a Statement Wednesday: Fashion Finds

12:07:00 PM Jem Lawren 0 Comments

Hey Guys,

I would just like to share this crazy little story with you about the above necklace. While shopping in Ireland I came a cross this statement piece which  did not have a price attached to it. So I decided to seek out a rep that was working in the jewelry department. The rep did her best trying to seek out the information I was seeking, but ended up stating that more than likely it would be heavily discounted due to it being the last one. She escorted me to the register and explained the situation to the manger and I ended up paying 5 Euros for this necklace.
Now 5 Euros converted in to US Dollars is $6.75......what a steal!!!!
However, this is where the story gets interesting. While at the airport in Dublin...waiting for my flight to head back to London, I came across the UK mag... Now Magazine. While flipping through the magazine I notice the headline "Nicole Scherzinger wears £20 New Look necklace on The X Factor!" It was the same necklace, except I paid 5 Euros instead of 20 Pounds for it. If you covert the 20 Pounds in US Dollars it would be $32.16.  Which means...I saved $25.41 when it comes to this statement necklace....SCORE!


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