I got 99 Problems But Acne Aint 1: Acne and Blackheads

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The day I had left for the airport to head to London. I had forgotten to repack my facial cleansers back into my suit case. While I was in mid-air, this wonderful fact had dawned on me.  So I had no other choice but to purchase new cleansers.  At that particular time I was using Simple Moisturizing Facial Wash, Simple Soothing Facial Toner, Simple Protecting Light Moisturizer with SPF 15 and an acne treatment from Nuetrogena.
It was about a year ago I discovered the Simple skin Care line. I love the fact that it was really gentle on my skin and it didn't leave my skin tight or dry.  Compared to other products I have used, this line balanced my skin when it came to the feel and moisture of my skin. However, I still had the occasional acne breakouts ever so often.
Let’s fast forward to London. While I was on my way to my cousin’s house, we stopped off at a local Superdrug so I would be able to purchase new cleansers. I wasn't sure if they had carried the Simple line, but to my surprise they did….along with a couple other products that I had not seen.  I came across their Oil Balancing Cleansing Wipes with Zinc PCa, Oil Balancing Exfoliating Wash and Spotless Skin Rapid Action Spot Zapper. I must say, using these three products for the month I was in London and even now…has kept my skin spot-free. I am so in love!!!  
I decided to check the US site to see if they carried the same products as the UK line, but it was just my luck that they didn't carry the Spotless Skin Rapid Action Spot Zapper. Uggghhh…not good!  I’m hoping and keeping my fingers cross that Simple Skin Care will have it in future plans to introduce more of the UK product line to the US market.
While we’re on the subject of a horrible thing called acne. For those have issues with blackheads, I have provided a recipe for more natural way to treat them.  All you would need is:
½ of a Lemon
2 to 4 drops of honey
You can either squeeze the juice from the lemon in a small bowl and add the honey or just add the honey right on top of the ½ cut lemon.  If you choose to add the honey on top of the lemon...just rub the affected area with the lemon and honey. Leave the mixture on the area for about 4 to 6 minutes and then wash it with cool water.  You should see results right away.

*Please consult your physician at all times before trying anything.

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