Winter Lips: Softer Lips During the Winter

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photo credit: Helga Weber via photopin cc

Our lips are one of the most delicate parts on our body and can be the most driest at times. Unlike the other parts of our bodies, our lips doesn't have as many oil glands. So hydration and moisture can become a huge issue during the harsh winter months. And as winter is approaching, now is the time to take extra care of those kissable soft lips. 
There are several ways that you can go about you can keep your lips healthy and moist  and get rid of those dry cracked lips.

The three most important steps to beautiful winter lips are: 

1. Hydrate
Putting on a hydrating lip balm can help, but those eight glasses of water are still necessary  everyday during the winter months. 

2. Moisturize
Use a lip balm that contains natural oils and butters. Adding Castor oil or Coconut oil to your lips at night may help retain moisture in your lips. 

3. A smooth scrub
Using a lip exfoliant will gently scrub away any dead, flaking or dry skin on the lips. This will help create a smoother surface and also help with the absorption of moisture. 

By using these three simple steps, you're lips will thank you for it!!

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