Make a Statement Wednesdays: Accessorizing More With Jewelry These Winter Months

8:22:00 AM Jem Lawren 0 Comments

As the winter is upon us, the addition of layers is quite essential. Sometimes is can become a bit difficult to accessorize with all that extra bulk. It seems as though the only accessory one can wear during these cold months…is a scarf. As much as I love scarves (which I have a ton of), it can get a bit boring.

Now as most of you know…I am a huge fan of statement jewelry. I can’t get enough of them! The indulgence almost becomes a sin. With that being said….why not pair your favorite statement piece with a cardigan, turtleneck or solid/striped sweater? I say skip that scarf every couple of days for a beautiful statement necklace.

Down below you can checks out some of my favorite pieces I like to wear with my solid color sweaters. 

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