Home Decor Woes

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In the past six months, a couple of my friends has either moved into a new apartment or purchased a new home. One of their main issue after settling in...is decorating.

Decorating a house or an apartment can be a hassle. Issues that can arise are:

1. Having too little space or having  too much space
2. Angle of the furniture and the placement
3. Too many mismatch furniture pieces
4. The color of the room. Maybe a bit too dark
5. Budget. The finances maybe too small for your big idea.
6. An idea. Not having a single clue where to start

But not to worry!  There are several websites out there that may help those who are experiencing one or all of the six problems listed above.  These websites are great references tools whether you have a small or large space. My top seven go-to home and apartment decorating websites are:

1. Houzz
2. Apartment Therapy
3. My Home Ideas
4. The Nest
5. DIY Network
6. ELLE Decor
7. Freshome

So tell us... what's your favorite website for home decorating ideas?

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