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Introduce yourself!
I’m Stephanie Byrd, freelance wardrobe and hair stylist from Oakland, California.

How would you describe your sense of style?
I would describe my personal style as very eclectic. I do not limit myself to one look or a certain style of dress. One of my favorite looks to portray is an edgy look; layers, camouflage, black leather, and a red lip to make it feminine and sexy. I love a good hipster look, business casual, vintage inspired, and a super trendy look where I can express my creativity the most. But since I work in an environment where I cannot dress exactly how I want all of the time, I try to keep it quite simple.

Where do you get your inspiration for each look?
Sometimes I get my inspiration from my favorite fashion magazines such as Bazaar and InStyle, iconic celebrities, art, and just life. 

What’s your ‘Go-To’ outfit for when you need to get ready in a hurry?
When I need to get ready in a hurry, my “go-to” outfit is and “all black” outfit. Super chic, either consisting of leather, high waist pants, chiffon, black pumps, gold accessories, and a matte red lip. There’s something about red lips that make you feel like you have all the confidence in the world!

What are the three favorite things in your closet?
Three favorite things in my closet are my olive and gold jacquard blazer from H&M, black leather circle skirt, and Reed Krakoff black leather and mesh booties.

What are some of your favorite shops or websites for clothes, shoes and accessories?
Some of my favorite shops and websites are Zara, H&M,,,, and

What fashion or styling tips would you give to someone who wants to improve their sense of style?  
When clients, friends, or peers ask me for styling tips and advice I tell them we need to determine their own personal style first, what do they feel most comfortable in, and how do they want to feel and look.  I tell them to choose a couple of current trends from a known fashion magazine and I will help them recreate these looks with keeping their personal style in mind.
A few small tips; in fashion today, one does not have to match, don’t be afraid to mix prints especially if the prints are of a similar color story, and when you’re not so sure, keep it simple and accessorize. I also tell my clients to make sure that they are confident about their outfit before he/she leaves their house or he/she will have an uneasy feeling all day. Lol! Its true. Everyone should take inspiration from all around them but find ways to make it their own.

Is there a blog/webpage or Youtube channel where we can find you?
You can find me on Instagram: @flystyleb
and on my personal style blog:

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