Mascara and Lashes: Tips to achieve a fuller and longer look

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I'm a girl that loves to make my eyes POP when I'm wearing makeup. When it comes to my lashes... my main issue is not the thickness, but more so the length. So for me, I'm more concerned with achieving a look where my lashes appears longer. Below are a few tips on what I do to make my lashes look super thick and longer.

For fuller a longer lashes:
1. Eyelash curler- Start curling at the base of the lashes and move you way up to the ends.
2. Apply translucent powder-  This will aid in making the lashes look fuller and longer
3. Use a clear primer- It separates and coats the lashes to help reduce the chances of clumping
4. Apply two coats of mascara- Mix and match your mascara. You can apply one coat of lengthening          mascara and a second coat of thickening mascara.
5. Mascara on the underside-Apply mascara on the underline makes your lashes appears longer and fuller.
6. Wiggle your mascara wand- When applying mascara, you want to wiggle your wand in a zig-zag motion    starting at the base. Continue this motion to the ends of your lashes.
7. Wait 6-8 seconds before blinking to prevent dot on the lower lash line.

Check out a some of my favs-

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