Happy Valentine's Day 2014

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Valentine’s Day is practically a day away. Many of you may have already have plans set in motion and others maybe a bit stumped as to what to get your significant other.

I had asked a question to my guy friends and repeated the same question to my female friends, “as to what would be the perfect gift or gesture on Valentine’s Day” and many of them stated that having "a steamy romantic night with the one they love would be the best gift or gesture".  Well, I’m not knocking that particular thought, but for those of you who had the intention of doing something a little extra…check out my post for last year’s Valentine’s Day ideas.

These ideas will never get old or stale. Some of the ideas are geared toward you really knowing the person you’re with.  And for those who are just looking for a “steamy romantic night with the one you love”…there are one or two ideas of how you can go about it in a creative way.
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