A Weekend In Orlando: Kendra's Night Out Challenge

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Planning for a vacation can get somewhat over whelming. Planning the perfect outfit should not be apart of that stress factor. So when Kendra Thornton, a Travel Industry Publicist who reached out to me and proposed a weekend outfit challenge ...I couldn't resist. 
The challenge is call Kendra's Night Out. For this challenge I had to create two sets outfits. One for the day: Orlando Style, but most importantly and out for the night: Artist Point. The official challenge:

Outing in Orlando

My Fashion Challenge
Right now, I’m planning a family vacation to Orlando where we’ll spend a few weeks.
During our stay, we plan to enjoy an evening together in Downtown Disney! I always
like to look my best I don't want to embarrass her children 10 years from now with my
clueless fashion scene ! I’d like some help choosing an outfit for this occasion. Let me
know what you think would be the perfect outfit for this special evening. To get you
started, here’s some information on the restaurant where we plan to eat that night:

Artist Point
The all-American city of Orlando has plenty of restaurants and attractions that share
bits of culture from all over. During our evening in Downtown Disney, we plan to enjoy
a meal at Artist Point. The menu and décor are inspired by the Pacific Northwest. In
addition to enjoying the traditional food of that region, we’ll get to gaze on stunning
views of Bay Lake and Silver Creek Falls. The dining rooms are decorated in the style of
lodges of national parks located in the Pacific Northwest. Although I’m sure I’ll enjoy the
food, I’m most looking forward to enjoying the overall atmosphere of this attraction.

Orlando Style
 A trip to Orlando should be easy and laidback. This city attracts tourists from all over
the world, and the residents openly welcome their visitors. Families enjoy the amenities
specifically designed for those with young children, there’s also attractions geared
toward people of all ages. I can’t wait for my family time at Downtown Disney! I’m also
looking forward to the opportunity to sneak away with my husband and enjoy some
intimate time together over a bottle of wine. Whatever I do on our trip here, I know I’ll
have a better time if I look great. I’m excited to see the ideas you present for my vacation

-Kendra Thornton-

Check out what I've put together for Kendra's weekend in Orlando:

Orlando Style

Pretty Swag

This outfit is fashionable cool. Its comfortable, but also nicely put together. It's great for a day in the Disney park.

Comfortably Gorgeous

This outfit also provide comfort...with a little flirtiness. This outfit is feminine, but it gives you the opportunity to just have fun and enjoy that beautiful sunny day,

Artist Point

Beautifully Chic

This outfit is Beautifully Chic. The color of this dress is very rich, the belt/wrap accents the waist. This outfit is ideal for wonderful dinner at an upscale restaurant. 


This outfit is Fierce! You can't go wrong with "the little black dress". Because the dress is strapless, it adds a little sexiness to the dress. The Pegasus statement necklace from Stella & Dot is a nice touch to this outfit. This outfit is great for a romantic night out or cocktails at an upscale lounge. 

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