7 Great Body Lotions for Summer

5:28:00 AM Jem Lawren 0 Comments

Now that winter is over and spring has finally decided to show its face. As the season changes so should your skincare. So some of you at the moment, may be in the process of ditching those heavy creams and butters for a more summer friendly smooth and lightweight option.  Products that have ingredients such as aloe and jojoba are perfect for those summer months. 

When it comes to body lotions, you want to choose those that are a milky have a gel consistency which are non-greasy and can be absorbed faster in the skin.
During those hot months staying cool and dry is key.  I have chosen 7 great lotions I feel would be perfect for the summer months.  

Remember, before choosing any type of skincare product you should always consider your skin type, ingredients and fragrance. Oh yeah…and most importantly…don’t forget to use sun screen!

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