Exclusive interview withTYDE By DeDe bow tie designer Deroll Scarlett

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Last month I had the honor of attending the launching of a fabulous bow tie line called TYED By DEDE. Deroll Scarlett, the mastermind behind TYED By DEDE is a new up and coming bow tie accessory designer who is based in New York.
I had the opportunity to sit and chat with Deroll to get more insight as to what inspired him and how he found the courage to launch his own bow tie line. Here’s what Deroll had to say:

Why did you decide to become a fashion accessory designer?
It only took me 30 years, but I finally figured out what I wanted to be when I grow up. And this is it - owning my own men’s neck wear business and bringing a splash of color blocking into wardrobes all over the world. I've been wearing bow-ties for years now and the majority of my collections are homemade ties. I started making my own bow-ties for multiple reasons:
•          Bow-ties are hard to find in stores
•          Bow-ties in stores are expensive
•          I don't have enough hobbies (yeah, right...)

What does fashion means to you as a developing fashion designer?
Fashion is an art whereby I am able to express myself. 

What were and what are your inspirations for your creations? 
When you come to Brooklyn, you find a diverse sense of style in each community. As a native brooklynite, growing up in this borough was not the easiest. While having a rough childhood with a single parent, she always taught me to go after my dreams and never give up.  Brooklyn has helped me express my individuality through fashion as my art.

How would you describe your inspiration behind the TYED brand ? 
TYED BY DeDe started out as an idea turned into reality. What started out as a simple piece of fabric, grew into a collection.

What sets your bow tie line apart from others?
Our custom made bow tie sets our customer apart to be an edgy individual. We pay careful attention in selecting only the best quality fabric. A TYDE By DeDe customer won’t have to worry about attending any event and having 20 people in the same tie: don’t you hate that? Lol. You pick the fabric and we'll do the rest. No more expensive bow ties and clip on's.   

Bow ties are usually worn during formal events or special occasion. Do you think bow ties have become more acceptable as an everyday accessory to ones attire?         
Yes, bow ties have become more acceptable as an everyday accessory, the stigma of a “stuff look “ no longer applies to one who wears a bow tie. Fashion has changed a lot, celebrities and other media elites are now seen in a bowtie and jeans pants or even shorts. 

How do you select the materials for each piece?  
Materials are usually selected by our team.  We discuss what our vision is for the next collection.  

Can you please tell us about your design process? 
Our design process is a collaborative one, in that, the team at TYDE BY DEDE look at current trends, our customers needs/requests. We always try going out on a limb and designing something unusual but wearable.

Do you pay attention to what is trending in the fashion world? For instance… like trending colors?
Absolutely, you have to pay attention to trends or you will be left behind. Paying attention to trends also help you to create your own trend.

Once you have the product, how do you get the word out?
We get the word of our product out by extensive promotion, Facebook, twitter, Instagram. We also contact our previous customers directly (by email).

What store would you love to have your bow tie accessory line in?
Do I have to pick just one? Lol.  Barneys New York.

What blogs or magazines do you read? 
I read too many magazines, Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, InStyle, Essence, O etc. I read quite a few blogs.

So far, what is the most memorable moment an accessory designer? 
Seeing my design.

What are your plans for the future?
Plans for the future is to take over the world…LOL…One bow tie at a time!

What are essentials that every man should have in his closet?
A nice crisp white button down shirt: You can dress it up or down. Pair it with a cardigan or motorcycle jacket or sports coat and you’re ready for any occasion. Dinner with the pals, a night out on the town or even a casual business meeting.


Visit us Online: www.tyedbydede.com

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