My Christmas Wish List

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Hey Guys!

Happy Holidays!! I know that Christmas is literally 2 days away, but I’ve been meaning to share with you all a few items on my Christmas wish list. I am in dire need of new laptop and DSLR camera, which I did not include on this list because these big ticket items are needed to be budgeted for.

However, all of the items from my wish list can be found at your local Target or Targe‘t  (lol).   I’ll admit…I am a Target junkie!!  Words can’t express how much I love Target! From their budget friendly décor and fashion designer collaborations pieces to their everyday household products….I mean, who doesn't love this store!

For fashionable items here what I’m hoping for…hint... hint!

Mossimo Rib Knit Trim Faux Leather Jacket

Merona Plaid Poncho Sweater with Faux Fur

Gold Stella Valle Sparkle Bangle Bracelet with Swarovski Crystals

Short Necklace with Stones and Tassels - Gold/Black (18")

When it comes to beauty.’s what I want…

SheaMoisture Nude Day Palette

Sonia Kashuk Limited Edition 10pc Brush Set

Creme Brulee NYX Butter Gloss Lip Gift Set

For home décor…I would really love to get…

Foster Upholstered Chair

Silver Ore International Table Lamp

Threshold White Metal Standing Deer Figural

For all the items listed above I have attached the links for each item. Because I love this store, I do participate in their affiliate program... so I do get a percentage if any purchases are made. 

Need some gift giving ideas?? Check out Target's  Best Gifts under $25

I would love to hear what many of you would like for this Christmas. Please leave a comment below on items than you’re hoping to get this year. 

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and have a Happy New Year!!!
Felices Vacaciones!
Laethanta saoire sona!
Chuttee mubaarak ho!
Bonnes vacances!
Schöne Ferien!
Feliz Natal!

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Fletch Firm's Pop Up Shop Fall/Winter Edition

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Hey Guys,

On December 5th, I had a great time attending the Pop –Up Shop Fall/ Winter Edition which was hosted by the Fletch Firm’s founder Georgette Fletcher. The event was held at the Dirt Salon, a studio space located in the Hartford area.

The Pop –Up Shop Fall/ Winter Edition was a creative and beautiful collaboration between the brands who participated. Among the brands were jewelry and accessory designs by AKEYNO, fashion designer Saints by SJ and fashion+stylist Faschinn Studios. The atmosphere was filled with an entrepreneurial spirit of Fashion, Beauty, Music and Art.

The event had a full house! This pop-up shop allowed attendees to view, purchase and order exclusive fashion apparel and art pieces from these local designers and artists.

Check out additional photos below. Some images were provided by The Vibrant Eye Photography who also attended event.


Red Label Cosmetics Launch Party Overview

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A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend the launch party of Red Label Cosmetics.

Red Label Cosmetics is a luxury brand of richly pigmented cosmetics combined with mineral based products that can be used for any skin type.

Debuting with an incredible range of foundations, lipsticks and other makeup items, Red Label Cosmetics definitely celebrated women with diverse features.

I got a chance to personally meet and talk with Monica Andrews, the owner and creative mind behind the brand.

Monica Andrews has had over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry offering classes, fashion shows, photo shoots, tips and makeup techniques to meet the fast pace, up and coming beauty industry.

The party was an absolutely amazing! Monica Andrews was such a pleasure and so was her team! They encouraged attendees to have fun with the products and with different beauty looks.

A couple days after the launch party, I managed to reach out to the entrepreneur to get the scoop on everything from her favorite Red Label product to what’s next for the brand. 

Congratulations on your big launch. Tell me how and why this makeup line came to be?

I've been in the beauty industry for 22 years as a manicurist. I wanted to transition my artistry brush over to makeup artistry to make women exudes different level confidence once their outer appearance change to meet their inner.

What’s something special that sets Red Label Cosmetics apart from other beauty brands?

I wanted to provide richly pigmented, full coverage shades that vary from soft nudes to edgy toned colors.

What inspired the collection?

I needed to produce a great product and simplified a way for the everyday woman to apply their makeup.

Would you say this line appeals to multiethnic consumers?

Absolutely! It is for all skin types.

What’s the biggest beauty mistake you see women make?

Using a black pencil eyeliner for their eyebrow and as a lip liner. The worse! Never share mascara; never apply makeup on an unclean face.

What’s the best beauty advice you’ve ever received?

When you’re in this business always give it your best shot or stay home! The sky is your limitation.

What’s your favorite shade from your lipstick collection?

Dream Queen from my extreme matte collection. It's a dark merlot with an undertone of brown.

What is the best part of starting a beauty business?

Answering the dream and watching it manifest!

What advice would you offer a young entrepreneur who is looking to start his or her own business?

The stars are attainable, but it has be your greatest pursuit and you be able to the hard work.

What other products will Red Label Cosmetics be releasing and when can we expect them to launch?

Natural body and skin care products, coming out Fall of 2016.

If interested in any Red Label Cosmetics items please visit and make sure to follow@redlabelcosmeticsllc on Instagram for product updates and event listings.

Check out additional photos from the launch party. Hope you enjoy!



Outfit Post:Tailored and Sequin

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What I wore was:
  3. Jeans:H&M DENIM
  5. Accessories: FOSSIL WATCH
For makeup:
  1. Foundation: MAYBELLINE/FIT ME, 
  5. Brushes: E.L.F. STUDIO BRUSHES
Photos by:
Shaina Lee Photography


My Daytime and Nighttime Facial Skin Care Regimen

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Hey Guys,

Fall has already made its debut and Winter is right around the corner. So, you might notice that the air is getting a little crisper and the change of the season has a slight affect your skin. This is usually an indication that it is time to switch up your skincare routine.

When it comes to my facial skin routine…I usually switch to a moisturizer that is a little heavier during the cooler and colder months. The face is super dry and has a stretchy feel when I don’t use moisture that has a rich creamery base.

During the summer I go for a light moisturizer because my face gets oily really fast due to the hot and humid weather. I get very few acne breakouts. The breakouts usually occur during the “time of the month” when my body is experiencing hormonal changes. Other than that…my skin is pretty much a acne free.
So…what is my Fall routine? Well if you have read my previous post about my review on the Simply Skincare Line…you know how much I am obsess I am with this line.


For my morning regimen:

I wash my face with black soap. (Black soap is known for being extremely drying! Black soap does play apart in keeping my face acne free. Not all black soaps are equally made)
Depending on how my skin feels…I might use an operated facial cleansing brush to exfoliate a bit.
Once I rinse my face, I then follow up with Simple-Soothing Facial Toner.
I then apply Simply-Protecting Light moisturizer SPF 15 and an application of the Simple-Replenishing Rich Moisturizer.

For nighttime regimen:

I first wash my face with Simple-Moisturizing Facial Wash and then rinse.
Every two week I will do some sort of facial mask before bed, I would either do a honey, brown sugar and olive oil facial or a honey avocado facial mask.
I rinse off the facial mask with warm water and the apply Simple-Soothing Facial Toner.
Once the facial toner has dried, I will apply a thin layer consisting of two small drops of Trader Jeo’s vitamin E oil to my face.
For the final step I apply Simple-Nourishing 24HR Day/Night Cream

What's your Fall/Winter facial routine? How do you combat the harsh weather?


Outfit Post: Western Meets Chic

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What I wore was:

  1. Shirt: JEAN/TARGET
  3. Jeans: H&M
  4. Boots: JUSTFAB
  5. Accessories: FLOPPY HAT/ FOREVER 21

For makeup:

  1. Foundation: MAYBELLINE/FIT ME, 
  5. Brushes: E.L.F. STUDIO BRUSHES

Photos by:
Shaina Lee Photography