Beauty: NYX Haul

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NYX Haul

Hey Guys,

Yesterday, while on lunch I decided to do a bit of light makeup shopping.  I wanted to get some new lipstick colors, replace my almost finished lip gloss and also grab some eyeshadows.
To be quite honest, I’m a person that loves the “minimal look', so you won’t find me wearing a dramatic or bold look on a daily basis…I’ll leave those looks for those wonderful makeup guru’s out there.  The most that I’ll wear on a daily basis are mascara, eyeliner and a stained lip gloss.  If I am attending an event however, I do the whole works with the foundation, blush, eyeshadow, lipstick…ect.
I must admit that I am a huge fan of drugstore cosmetics.  There are a lot of drugstore cosmetics that have good products at an affordable price. One brand that I love and I find to be extremely affordable is NYX Cosmetics. This is one of the cosmetic brands that seem to be very popular with the beauty community.  I love the fact that NYX Cosmetics offers beautiful pigmented products without putting a dent in my pockets.  

So while I was at Ulta, these are what I got:

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