How to Declutter Your Closet

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We all love clothes, but having too much can cause quite a clutter. Clothes can be very difficult to get rid of if you don’t know where to start. 
With all of the new trends and designs that comes out each season…adding more items to a closet  of a “borderline hoarder” can become a bit stressful.

An easy way of keeping a situation like this under control is to go through your closest as the seasons change. Just simply create THREE piles.


- This first pile should be the items that you know you’d never wear again. These clothings may not match anything else in your closet or it doesn’t fit.


- Who wouldn’t love to make a few extra dollars from items they no longer need. This pile should be conssist of items that may still fit, may not be in trend, and you may not look for feel that great in them anymore.


- These are the items of clothing that you hold onto praying to God that Tide will create a mircle detergent that would remove the retched stain from your sight, but the prayer is never answered. This also may be the articles of clothing that may have a hole so deformed that a needle and thread would not be able to fix it.

This doesn’t have to be an all day thing…. As I stated before it’s of good partice to do this with each changing season. Happy Decluttering!!!

Photo Source: Rubbermaid HomeFree series closet system via photopin (license)

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