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Introduce yourself!
Hi! My name is Belen. I am a Spanish girl living in the BIG APPLE, New York. A fashion lover and the owner of Protocol Rules. It doesn’t matter where you come from, you can learn something new every single day.

How would you describe your sense of style?
My style is super classic, but fresh at the same time I can use something super vintage with something from the latest season. I love to mix different clothes, in fashion there is no rules.

Where do you get your inspiration for each look?
Depends of the day, it is not the same going to work or going with friends to have dinner, going shopping, or to the movies with your boyfriend… I love to look at my closet and choose what I'm going to wear. I love to be myself and wear the clothes that make me feel comfortable and beautiful.

Are there any celebrities/fashion icons whose style you admire?

As a blogger, I follow other bloggers who are amazing, for example, WeWoreWhat by Danielle, Dulceida or something wavy.

What’s your ‘Go-To’ outfit for when you need to get ready in a hurry?
Of course jeans, basic white or black t-shirt and sneakers.

What are the three favorite things in your closet?

I love basic t-shirts, sneakers, jeans, black blazers, one LBD, a dress with bright colors and of course a pair of high heels.

If you had the option of replacing all items in your closet with items from a particular designer. Who would that be?
Balenciaga without any doubt. I love the way he did it, the style is classic and impressive at the same time.

What are some of your favorite shops or websites for clothes, shoes and accessories?
I love ZARA, Forever21, Necessary Clothing, Yoox.

What fashion or styling tips would you give to someone who wants to improve their sense of style?
The most important part is being yourself with your outfit, you can't fell that you are wearing a costume. However sometimes you think you can't wear something until you do it and you feel comfortable and amazing with those clothes on, you have to try until you find your own fashion way.

Is there a blog/webpage or Youtube channel where we can find you?
You can find me on my Instagram, website and in a Spanish magazine that I work for.
Protocolrules (INSTAGRAM)

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