Mini Necklace Haul

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Hey Guys,

So within the month of May, I have acquired a few more necklace pieces. For reason I've gravitating to pieces that has rich looking color stones. I feel that the darker and richer the color....the more the piece attracts the eye.

Four out of the six necklaces I got from Charming Charlie. Charming Charlie is a store that is on my top list of go-to stores when it comes to accessories. They have an enormous amount of different colors and styles to choose from at affordable prices. When I want to feel pretty and "girly"...C.C. is the first place that I visit to accessorize my outfit.
For the other two necklace, one came from H&M and the other from Khols.

The price range for each necklace was between $5-$15.

Charming Charlie

Charming Charlie

Charming Charlie

Left: H&M
Top Right: Khols
Bottom Right: Charming Charlie

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