Beauty 101: Good Makeup Brushes for Beginners

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I hope you all had a wonderful summer!  I know that I haven’t posted anything in a while, but I have been super busy with my normal everyday life.  One amazing thing that has happened in the past couple of months is that I am now working for an amazing company.  For the past year and a half I have been trying to get my foot into their doors and just a few months ago I was offered a position there….Super EXCITED!

Any-who, today I wanted to information about makeup brushes for beginners. For those of you who read my previous post….you have some sort of idea that I don’t wear a lot of makeup.  I am a bit a minimalist when it comes to makeup.  However, when there’s a need to be glammed up….you definitely need the right tools to help you achieve the look you’re going for. 
Brushes are a key essential when executing any look. Whether you’re a makeup beauty expert or an intermediate skill level like me, having the right brushes will make the process of applying makeup so much easier.

Here are a few basic brushes a beginner would need:

Foundation Brush: This is the most basic brush.  The brush helps to smoothly applying liquid foundation to the face.

Concealer Brush: The brush helps to accurately apply concealer/coverage on the most troublesome areas.

Stippling Brush: Used for apply liquid foundation by patting on the foundation with the bristles. This brush helps to achieve an airbrush finish.

Blending Brush: When working with different eyeshadow hues… this brush helps to blend out harsh lines.

Powder Brush: This brush is used for applying compact powder foundation, translucent setting powder or to just simply blend out the make up on the face.

Contouring Brush:  This brush is used for achieving a chiseled effect by applying darker foundation on certain areas on the face.

Eyeshadow Brush: Helps to applying light to heavy eye-shadow by packing the color onto the lids.
Angle Brush: Used to apply blush on the cheek bones.

One way to gain experience with working with each type of brush, is to simply purchase inexpensive one like E.L.F Cosmetics.  E.L.F Cosmetics is an affordable cosmetic line.  They have good quality makeup brushes for a reasonable price. E.L.F Cosmetics is perfect for someone who is just starting their makeup brush collection.  E.Lf.’s Studio Line brushes are one of my favorite brushes…these brushes are soft, applies my foundation well and they only cost $3.00 – $6.00 per brush! 

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You can find these brushes at or where I get my brushes.

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