How Do You Feel When it Comes to Fashion

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Hey Guys,

Today I wanted to talk little bit about “fashion”.

Before I started this blog, I was always into fashion, style, beauty and home décor.  From the time I was 16 and was able to work and buy my own clothes… I’ve always wanted to look good without having to spend my entire paycheck on a single clothing item.  And now that I have been more active on this blog by posting my own styles and outfits, the question of “how much did that outfit cost” has come up a quite a few times.

Let me say this, I AM A BARGAIN SHOPPER and proud of it! Now, I am not saying that I don’t splurge on a certain item…I do, but only if that item will become a staple piece in my closet….meaning I’ll probably keep that item for a good 5 years (yes…5 years!!!).  

With all the trends that pops up here and there….if one (not including the top 10%) were to keep up with every single trends you would probably go broke.  I feel as a blogger, I should let you guys know that it’s not the name or the cost of an outfit that makes fashion….its one’s own style and confidence that really makes fashion.

I have friends who follow other fashion blogger and they sometimes feel as though it gets s bit costly trying to follow their inspirations.  I have to remind them that yeah you can wear the latest item, but if you’re not comfortable with what you’re in…. it will show.

Models do it all the time…pairing a $2 shirt with $20 jeans, $40 shoes and $300 bag and she is chic, hip, cool…FASHIONABLE.

I will forever say this…fashion is all about how you feel in the clothes you're in.

What do you guys think ??  How do you feel when it comes to fashion? 

Photo Source: Jacquetta Wheeler, Ferragamo via photopin (license)

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  1. Great post. I enjoyed reading your perspective about how much to spend on fashionable items. I mix high and low cost pieces for sure when I put together an outfit. I try not to spend too much on items that I deem to be a trend that may not stay around beyond a couple of seasons. It is more about investing more money into classic pieces that I can combine with trendy items.


  2. I don't like any compromise for fashion. I spent a lot per week to get trendy outfits and other fashion gears. So, this is what I think about fashion.
    Annie Holland