Fletch Firm's Pop Up Shop Fall/Winter Edition

3:27:00 PM Jem Lawren 2 Comments

Hey Guys,

On December 5th, I had a great time attending the Pop –Up Shop Fall/ Winter Edition which was hosted by the Fletch Firm’s founder Georgette Fletcher. The event was held at the Dirt Salon, a studio space located in the Hartford area.

The Pop –Up Shop Fall/ Winter Edition was a creative and beautiful collaboration between the brands who participated. Among the brands were jewelry and accessory designs by AKEYNO, fashion designer Saints by SJ and fashion+stylist Faschinn Studios. The atmosphere was filled with an entrepreneurial spirit of Fashion, Beauty, Music and Art.

The event had a full house! This pop-up shop allowed attendees to view, purchase and order exclusive fashion apparel and art pieces from these local designers and artists.

Check out additional photos below. Some images were provided by The Vibrant Eye Photography who also attended event.

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  1. Looks like you had fun girl, always wanted to go to a party with a backdrop like that! Lol

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