Outfit Post: Winter Wonderland and a Peacoat

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Primark Peacoat

What I wore was:
  3. Jeans:FOREVER 21


Oz Naturals Ocean Mineral Facial Cleanser

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Hey Guys!

Wow! Can you believe that January is almost over? I’m here like….why is time moving so fast :(…lol
Today I wanted to share my thoughts with you about a product that I have been using for the past five days called, Ocean Mineral Facial Cleanser by OZ Naturals.  Now, I did receive this product in exchange for my honest review.

As you all know, I am in love with facial cleansing and moisturizing products that tends to be more natural and the Ocean Mineral Facial Cleanser by OZ Naturals happens to be 72% organic!  My skin type would be considered as combination, so one of my main concerns about trying out this product, was that if this product would make my skin feel dry and tight after each use. 

Ocean Mineral Facial Cleanser by OZ Naturals
A proprietary concentrate of 92+ Ocean Minerals in a highly bio-available therapeutic facial cleanser. These ocean minerals nourish and repair dry skin, blemishes, skin lesions, and rough, damaged skin, while botanicals soothe and stimulate cellular regeneration.
Safe for all skin types, this product is a truly restorative facial cleanser.

For a full list of the ingredients, you can go to oznaturals.com.

I have been using this product twice a day and so far so good. In the morning and at night I apply a dime size amount of the Ocean Mineral Facial Cleanser to my hands and gentle rub the product onto my dampened face. The consistency of the product is a clear gel that is a little on the runny side. I was quite surprised at the fact that it lather so well since the gel was a bit on the liquid side.  While keeping that in mind… I must say that a little does go a long way.  The scent of the product had a light “plant like” smell that was not at all overpowering.

About three days into using this product I noticed my skin looked a lot brighter, the pores that are on the apple of my cheeks seemed to be a lot smaller. Thus far, I have not experienced any tightness or irritation. I think this is an awesome facial cleanser and I do believe that the quality of the product matches the $22.49 price tag.

The Ocean Mineral Facial Cleanser by OZ Naturals is available via Amazon---amazon.com/oznaturals

I’m curious to know if anyone has tried any other products from OZ Naturals. If so…what would you recommend?

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