Neville Wisdom Spring Fashion Show 2016

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Hi Everyone,

Two weekends ago I had the pleasure to attend the designer, Neville Wisdom’s spring fashion show. I meant to put this post up a bit earlier, but I have been so busy these past few days.

I first started to take notice of Neville Wisdom after I started working for a media company who had done a piece on him about his designs and how he came into opening up his own flagship store. I immediately became a fan of his work. His designs from last season reminded me of a classic chic, which are fashion styles that I tend to gravitate towards.

For this season’s collection, he debuted designs that ranged from a ready to wear luxury relaxed to a casual floral or solid color day dresses.

If you’d like to know more about Neville Wisdom or his designs, you can check out his website:

Below are a few photos from his spring collection:


Glamulet Mothers Day Jewelry Giveaway

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Hi Guys,

If you are a big fan of personalized jewelry, then this is the post for you! I personally love charmed bracelets….. I feel that no other types of jewelry can be more customizable or personalized than a charmed bracelet. Not only are they fashionable and unique, they’re also a great gift as well.

Mother’s Day is literally around the corner and I know that sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming to find a gift that is unique and one that is different from the gift you gave the previous year. Well, the brand Glamulet is here to help!

About the brand: The Charms Brand Glamulet was launched in 2014 to offer to every woman a new range of trendy and elegant quality jewelry at an affordable price. We believe that every woman should be allowed to express herself and to feel pretty. We design glamorous Charms and Bracelets and we use quality materials to manufacture them. Each woman can mix and match the Charms to create her own Bracelet.

Glamulet is now offering a 15% discount code for orders over $70!

Discount Code: BB-MOM

Also, if you share any of Glamulets products in the link (, you will automatically be entered into a sweepstakes to win a Glamulet bracelet valued at $200!


Here are the rules:
  1. Register for a free account over at Glamulet’s website
  2. Select the tab Mother’s Day Gifts
  3. Choose one or more new charms & share it in either of your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest account. You will automatically enroll yourself in the campaign once the share completed.

Good Luck! Please feel free to let me know the items that you shared or the one you liked most.

*** Please note that this campaign is only until May 9th***
Please be advised that this is a sponsored post.


MAKE Beauty MAKEYourself Product Review

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Hey Guys,

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend.  I am excited to share with you my review on a couple of products that I received from the brand MAKE Beauty.  I was thrilled that the samples came this week….because it gave me the opportunity to incorporate the products into my look for last night’s fashion show for Neville Wisdom spring collection.

The samples I received from MAKE Beauty were their Matte Finish Eyeshadow in Alabaster and their Silk Cream Lipstick in Taffy. I wanted to create a soft and natural look and surprisingly these products actually helped me achieved the look I was going for.

The Silk Cream Lipstick in the shade Taffy is sort of a rosy to pinkish hue. This lipstick was indeed creamy and buttery and it glide on smoothly. To be quite honest, I was afraid that this color would have been a bit too light for my skin tone and I would have had to apply a lip liner to make the lipstick look more natural, but to my surprise Taffy was a perfect shade.

For the Matte Finish Eyeshadow in Alabaster, I decided to use this as a base shade. I apply this shade all over my eyelids and also use it as the color to highlight my brow bone. Alabaster is definitely pigmented and this shadow contains Vitamins C and E to help provide anti-oxidant protection to the area of the eyes.

Here’s a little information about the brand MAKE Beauty:
“MAKE is a brand that finds beauty in inspiration. A brand that believes there are no beauty rules. That each individual is driven by an artistic approach to their own personal reality. That it’s beautiful to be inspired by your imagination. To embrace a whimsical approach to life. To be outspoken, intelligent, confident and un-selfconscious.  MAKE is dedicated to creative self expression, collaboration, and a commitment to creating a more beautiful world. Proudly made in NYC, our pieces are hypoallergenic, manufactured without parabens and never tested on animals. The spirit of collaboration illuminates our social mission. 10% of every MAKE sale supports women-led, worker owned businesses in at-need communities through our non-profit partner, We See Beauty Foundation.”

Over all, I do think that these products are good products. I have visited the Make Beauty website... so know that this brand do offer a multitude of different shades and products to choose from (I would love to sample them all…lol).  

However, the best part of this post is that from now until May 31, 2016 you can save 20% off your purchase at with the coupon code MAKEYOURSELF at checkout.

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I did receive these samples in exchange for the honest review.