Beauty Fav July 2016

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We're officially a few days away from the start of a new month and I wanted to share with you my favorite beauty products/tools I've been using for the month of July.

 Lip Colors:
NYX - Lingerie 

What can I say! I Love....Love...Love this collection. The colors from NYX Lingerie collection are super pretty, romantic and matte. I've been wearing the color Embellishment a lot this month. Over all I feel that these colors are perfect for night on the town or a date night makeup look.

Skin Care/ Cleansers:

Kiko Eyes & Lips Makeup Remover

I purchased Kiko Eyes & Lips Makeup Remover in late June and I started to incorporate this product in my makeup removal regimen in early July. I purchased the cleansing makeup remover for $10.
The product definitely helps when removing waterproof or matte product from my lips or eyes. The cleanser contains some natural oils and as you all know....I am all for products that contains a good amount natural products. I only thing that I didn't like about this product is that is was overly oily. But due to the fact that I was using this product as my first step in my makeup removal regimen... it really wasn't a huge deal since the oils will be washed away in the next couple of steps.

Silicone Facial Exfoliate Cleaning Pad

About three weeks ago my spin-brush died on me... so I needed a quick fix to help aid in exfoliating my skin. I purchased a 3-pack silicone facial exfoliating cleansing pads for about $5 from Walmart.

Beauty Tools: 

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Belle Brushes

I actually stumbled upon these brushes at Tjmaxx because I was traveling to attend a friend's wedding  and I had packed everything else beside by makeup brushes. That particular day I was on a mission to find a makeup brush set that was affordable (I was on a budget...attending a wedding is already costly) instead of buying brushes piece by piece. I paid $20 for the brush set and I was bit skeptical at first, but I must say,  I was quite happy with the application and the quality of the brushes.