Make Up For Ever Artist Rouge Lipstick Review

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Hello Luvs!

A couple of days ago I received 3 shades out of the 45 shades of the Make Up For Ever Artist Rouge Collection. Unlike their previous lipstick collections, Artist Rouge is 25% more pigment, moisturizing  and long wearing. These 45 new formulated lipstick shades are bold, vibrant, fierce and captivating!  

All 3 lipsticks glided on smoothly. They were creamy with an intense shine. The 3 shades I received were C404-Passion Red, C211- Rose Wood and C502-Taupe Violet.

C404-Passion Red
You can tell by the name Passion Red, this lipstick color is a red. The color is vibrant, bold, eye catching and classy. Passion Red is definitely close to a true red...which I love! 

C211- Rose Wood
Rose Wood is such a pretty color! When I first saw the shade, I thought this color would have been a bit too light on my lips because of my deep/brown skin tone. But due the hint of pink tones in the lipstick, when I applied it to my showed up more as subtle rosy color. Rose Wood turned out to be my favorite color out of the three ♡

C502-Taupe Violet
My first reaction to Taupe Violet was. "I don't think this shade will work for me! Because I mostly wear shades of reds, pinks and nudes/ brown, this color seemed be a bit left field for me.  But hence MUFE hash tag #GETYOURBOLDON.... I kept an open mind about this color.  The color is in the family of purple, more like a  mauve. When I put Taupe Violet on I did feel that is was a bit too light for me, but with the help of a lip liner, I was able to achieve a desired look.

The packaging of these lipstick were super sleek and chic!  Each lipsticks cost about $22  for a .12oz size available at

Please note that I did received these samples lipsticks complimentary for testing and reviewing purposes via influenster. Thank you Make Up For Ever for #MYARTISTROUGE lipsticks!

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