DIY Aromatherapy Room Spray with Anjou Top 6 Essential Oils

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Hey Luvs!

Last weekend was such a blast, but a bit stressful as well. I had attended three nights of  Hartford Fashion Week and did a lot of running around to find the perfect outfit for the events, making sure I had all of the backup batteries for my camera, confirming that I had enough business cards to take with me, all while trying to make these events on time after leaving my 9 to 5 job. After viewing the last fashion show.....I was exhausted, I was ready for some downtime.

Luckily, over the weekend I received a 6 bottle kit of Anjou 100% Pure Essential Oils. I really wanted to experience a day of calming and relaxation. I felt that siting in an aromatherapy room and curling up with a good book would be best…. So I decided to make an aromatherapy room spray.

Here are some facts about Essential Oils:

Essential Oils are the oils that are extracted from flowers, plant roots, leaves, peels, bark or stems. This oil is the most potent form of the plant or flower. Essential oils can be used in multiply ways and can be beneficial to one’s physical and emotional health. Some benefits of essential oils are that they can either be anti-inflammatory, an antioxidant or antibacterial.

Within the 6 bottle kit I received (1)10ml bottle that listed the country of origin:

Lavender – South Africa

Lemongrass- India

Peppermint - Japan

Eucalyptus- China

Tea Tree- Australia

Sweet Orange- Canada

I knew I wanted to experience the scent of Peppermint, Lavender with a bit of citrus. Below are the instructions on how I made my aromatherapy room spray.

What you will need:

(1) 4oz dark glass spray bottle

Essential oils: Peppermint, Lavender and Sweet Orange

2 oz of Distill water or vodka or witch hazel (I went with distill water and witch hazel)

I made sure that the glass bottle is clean before I poured in 2oz of distill water and 1 oz of witch hazel. For each essential oil...I dropped about 5-6 drops. I then tightened the top and shook all the ingredients for a 30 seconds...and wallah! We have an aromatherapy room spray!

Anjou Top 6 Essential Oil set is truly wonderful. I love the scents of all the oils, but my most favorite oils are Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Lavender. The fact that they are natural, is a major plus for me as well. This set is makes a perfect gift for someone. The package is quite nice…the six oils comes in a super sleek black box that resembles a drawer.

I am 100% recommending Anjou Top 6 Essential Oils!! As stated before there are multiply ways these oils can be used.

To get your own Anjou Top 6 Essential Oils to purchase.

*This post is powered by Blogger Required and Anjou*
I did receive this product in exchange for my honest review.

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