The Salvation Army Redemption Fashion Show Recap

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Hey Luvs,

Last Saturday I was given a wonderful opportunity to cover the debut of The Salvation Army of CT's first Redemption Fashion Show.

"The Redemption Fashion Show introduced The Salvation Army's REDEEMED brand. The REDEEMED brand is the hope, imagination and love expressed in infinite possibilities by practitioners of these eternal qualities."

This fashion show allowed local designer to turn clothing that were once considered old into something new, exciting, but most of all trendy! Local designers such as Bertha Angelo, Fachinn, Marion Imbruglio, Couture France, Catherine Henry, Stacy Lawes and Vilinda McGregor grace the runway with their own uniqueness and style.

The designs were definitely impressive....the designs were "thrifty chic". As each model strut down the runway, I noticed that these designers had truly put in thought and effort into what is known as an "eco-couture" design.
The show in itself was amazing. It ran smoothly and most of all, it was well thought out.
To find out more about the REDEEMED brand or to stay in the know about The Salvation Army of CT, you can simply head over to their Facebook page at Redemption Fashion Show .

Check out some photos below from the show

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