Anjou Dead Sea Mud Mask

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Hey Luvs!

So I am back with another product review and this time I will be sharing my thoughts about Anjou Dead Sea Mud Mask. I am a huge fan of facial masks and my favorite type of mask is actually a mud mask. Mud masks are great for absorbing excess oils, dirt and toxin from the skin. Normally I would make my own mud mask from scratch using Bentonite Clay as the main ingredient. So, when Anjou Naturals had reached out and gave me the opportunity to try their mud mask, I was totally for it!

About the product.

Anjou Dead Sea Mud Mask is made in Israel by GMO and ISO certified manufacturer. Anjou Naturals use only 100% authentic Dead Sea mud extracted from the only UNESCO recognized Dead Sea with no Parabens, Mineral Oil and Artificial color added with 100% authentic Dead Sea mud with all the natural goodness.

The mask contains high content of sea salt and other powerful minerals, which is great for soothing the skin and effectively reducing rash, pimple, and acne appearances. Dead Sea salts are especially good at easing invisible scratches, while the minerals will repair the damaged skin.

Let’s talk about the packaging. The mask comes in a huge jar…about 17 fl. oz to be exact. The amount that is given compare to the price of the mask, it’s definitely a great value.

I applied the mask onto my face using the pads of my fingers. I glide the mask on smoothly onto my face. I noticed that about two minutes after the mask had been applied… I experienced a little burning/ tingling sensation…. I am not sure if the burning sensation was due to the sea salt. I waited about 10 to 12 minutes until the mask was completely dry and then I rinsed it off with warm water. After my face was completely dry, I waited to see if I was going to experience and excessive dryness on the troubled spots on my face…..which I did and naturally it was due to the sea salt. The mud mask did remove all the oils and dirt off my face and once I applied a bit of moisturizer…my skin felt wonderful.

Overall I think that this mud mask is a good product to have when you’re looking for quick spa like treatment. As I said before, the amount of product that you get compared to the price of the mask…makes it affordable and fair.

If you're into more of a natural skin care product, then definitely give Anjou Dead Sea Mud Mask a try! 

*I did receive this product in exchange for my honest review.*


Interview: Fashion Designer Troy Anthony

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I caught up with designer Troy Anthony to talk about what inspires him, his new collection, and the advice he would give to aspiring fashion designers.

Tell me a little about Troy Anthony and the brand?

Established 2008 Troy Anthony is an innovative high fashion brand that designs Ready-to-Wear / Couture clothing and offers professional fashion services to clients across the states and worldwide.

Our mission is to make one feel better about them through fashion design and provide them with a sense of style, while helping them define their image and presentation. Our purpose is to in sill self-confidence and self-esteem in our clients through the way they dress, we aim to bring innovative style of sophisticated chic clothing that our customers can wear in their everyday lifestyle. We strive to create clothing that women can call “Diversity Couture” that is wearable. High fashion clothing with details, functions, flair and elegance for various forms of style and personalities. To give men and women the freedom to style for various occasions and mix and match garments. We invite you to see what the “Troy Anthony Experience” is all about. Welcome to the word of Troy Anthony where we keep it Fashionable!

How would you describe your personal style?

I would consider my style sophisticated elegance with a hint of street, I like to push the norm, think outside of the box and wear layers, bold colors and textures to keep them guessing. I tend to go back and forth from old fashion to modern retro depending on my mood and the season.

How would you define fashion?

A voice, every day you have a chance to speak/express how you feel through the way your dress and the fashion you choose. As a designer every collection I design I’m looking to make a statement and set a new trend. Your fashion should represent who you are as an individual.

Are you self-taught or did you study fashion design?

I studied fashion design and professionally trained, I went to International academy of design where I received my bachelor’s degree in Fashion design and business marketing. Then, I studied fashion design/Illustration abroad in Milan, Italy for a year where I learned fashion the European way. Also my grandma introduced me to a sewing machine at young age and I was hooked ever since.

What is your favorite part of being a fashion designer?

Using my gift to help others dress fashionably and have an impact on others’ lives. Influencing the way people dress and help them elevate the fashion senses and styles. When I client comes to me and says “your dresses make me feel amazing and I received so many compliments”, that’s priceless to me.

What skills do you feel are necessary for a successful fashion designer?

First of all, you need a lot of patience, with lots of creative juices and the skill set of creating a garment from start to finish and understand the process inside and out. You also have to have a passion for fashion since the industry is very competitive; it’s not all glamorous as it looks.

What is the biggest lesson that you have learned since you started your fashion line/brand?

It’s a process, it doesn’t happen overnight when building a lifestyle fashion brand, you have to create a consistent look and feel and stick to your style and be original. There are many avenues in fashion but don’t be all over the place, stick to what your good at and perfect your craft.

Where do you find the inspiration for each collection?

I find a lot of my inspiration by working with many textiles and going through different fabrics. I can look at a fabric and already know what I want to create, it’s like it speaks to me, the texture, the color, the feel. I also find inspiration by traveling the world, people watching and emerging myself in various cultures.

Can you tell us what we can expect from you 2017/2018 collection?

You can expect a story of Fantasy Romance; I’ll be showing how your fashion fantasy can come true. I believe every person has a fantasy of how they would like to dress and I look too help inspire that and bring it too life. You’ll see Chic cocktail dresses, luxurious evening gowns elegant separates that you can mix and match giving the customer options in her closet. You’ll have to come to the upcoming fashion events to see more of the Troy Anthony Experience.

What advice would you give to aspiring fashion designers?

Do all the research you can, study, read and draw. Make fashion apart of your daily diet, consider it healthy and find out what you like and what you don’t like, then focus on the parts you do like, because then fashion will become fun and it won’t seem like a job. Last but not least, dress for success, be your walking billboard.

Where and how can we stay in the know?

Well I’m launching an all-new website called where can find out about upcoming events, shop, and take a style assessment to see where your style rating stands to help you become more fashionable. Also I have a fashion studio in Hartford where you can book me for a fashion consultation, I can offer fashion advice, take your measurements, and show you new designs and dress you for your next event.

To learn more about Troy Anthony, please go to and follow on Facebook: @Troy.Anthony; Instagram: @TroyAnthonyFashion; and Twitter: TroyAnthony81


Just Be U Magazine Launch Party Recap

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Hey Lovelies!

On April 2, 2017 I had the pleasure to attend Just Be U Magazine launch party.  The event took place at the venue called The Riverview from 3pm to 6pm. This exclusive event was hosted by Tina Rattigan, the founder and editor of Just Be U Magazine. As fashionable guest came in, they were treated to light hors d'oeuvres and cocktails. The guests mixed and mingled and were able to view the latest print issue of the magazine.  The atmosphere was light.... yet exciting.

Tina started off the event by sharing the story of how Just Be U Magazine came to be. She introduced all the special guests that were in the room, special guest such as Miss Black USA 2016 Tonille Simone Watkis.

The night included live performance from artists such as Klokwize and Gnice Langley. Each artists performed their original songs from a present or up coming album.

To close out the night, guest were treated to a spring fashion show that showcased collections from several designers. One particular designer that stole the show was Couture France. Couture France  designs were utterly stunning! Each piece told a story as they came down the runway. Couture France's collection was unquestionably show stopping and eye catching.

Overall, I had a wonderful time.  The event was absolutely well put together! Check some photos from the event.

From the left: Tina Rattiga,Tianna StLouis and guest.

Gnice Langley




Recap: Fletch Firm's Spring Pop-Up Shop

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Hey Lovelies!

I hope all is well!! I know that it has been a while, but my 9 to 5 has been demanding a lot of my time (story of my life)! I've been also working with a couple new people and have some great stuff in the works...which I can't wait to share.

With that being said, a couple of  weekends ago I attended another fantastic pop-up shop hosted by Fletch Firm.
The event was held at a venue called Vanish.  I had an awesome night previewing all the collections and designs from local designers.The night began with guests mingling, previewing and shopping the latest beauty, accessories and fashion trends.
I also had the opportunity to check out and meet couple new up and coming beauty and accessory brands. The event was nothing but wonderful!

I had an amazing videographer; @its_dinero1 who helped put together a recap video of the event.

Check out the recap video below and pics from the event.


The Armada Duffle- MAHI Leather

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Hey Luvs!
I hope that you are able to enjoy this crazy incredible weather that we are having in the month of February. I am super excited for my trip to Canada, for it is getting closer and I’m hoping that they are having great weather as well.

A couple of weeks ago I had mentioned that I was currently looking for new luggage for my trip to CA. In the post The Prefect Travel Bag- MAHI Leather, I shared with you my findings on MAHI Leather and the fact that this company was one to consider.

Last week I received my personalized Armada Duffle, which I used for my weekend getaway to Boston last weekend. My bag was shipped directly from their workshop. Since it was being shipped internationally, it took about 4 days to receive it. The color I got was the Vintage Brown and the embroidery color for my initials was in the color black.

The site states that the design of this bag was inspired by the 16th century Spanish sailing fleets. The bag came in a complimentary dust cover, a luggage tag and a long adjustable shoulder strap.

Guys! I am truly in love with this leather duffle. It is definitely roomy enough to fit two complete outfits, two extra shirts, under garments, a two pairs of flats and a pair of heels (I recommend wrapping your heels so that you don’t risk the chance of piercing the bag).

I wanted to share some photos with you of the duffle and show how perfect this bag is a “traveler”!

If you would like to find out more then please head over to the MAHI Leather website.


*My review, thoughts and opinions are entirely honest. I did receive a complementary duffle from Mahi Leather. 


Outfit Ideas: A Casual Snow Day Look

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Hey Luvs!

If you live in the Northeast, then you too had experienced the mini blizzard that occurred last week. I don't know about you, but I am really not a fan of the snow! I hate the fact that when I am in the mood to put a little effort in my look... I am stuck contemplating on whether or not I should wear a certain boot, coat or a certain color of jean/pants.

This particular day I wanted to put together an outfit that was cute and comfy, but also was warm enough to withstand the wind chills. Below I will listed where I got the items to create my Casual Snow Day Look.

Knitted pompom hat I wore is from TJMaxx.

The infinite faux fur scarf  I actually bought from Target a year ago.

The "Girls Bite Back" blush sweater is from H&M. I love this sweater especially in  a time where woman's rights are being challenged.

My black and white block coat if from Metaphor

The handbag that I am carry is also from TJMaxx form the brand Lionel.

My distressed jeans is over a year old and I bought them during a summer clearance sale at Old Navy.

I don't know what I'd do without my duck boots! The brand of these boots are the ESprit and I got them from Marshalls.

As far as accessories goes, I am not sure where I bought my rings. I could have bought the from  +Forever 21, Charlotte Russe or Charming Charlie.

Incase you're wondering... the lipstick color that I'm wearing is Sephora M08- Peace And Rock from their Rouge Matte collection.

Stay Warm!


The Prefect Travel Bag- MAHI Leather

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Anyone else feeling OUTRAGEOUS? We got you covered! Get one step ahead of the game and let the world stare in envy with our limited edition MAHI duffles!!!:
 Hey Guys!

So I have made travel plans to do a long weekend trip to Quebec, Canada. I am not sure about everyone else, but I am definitely one of those girls who doesn’t pack light and who needs travel bag that will accommodate all of my stuff. I am currently shopping for new luggage and I wanted a leather duffle bag that could complement my outfit and large enough to hold all my items. While searching on the web I came across MAHI Leather.

MAHI Leather is an online store that sells beautifully crafted genuine leather bags. MAHI’s are made to order and easy to personalize with initials or a memorable phrase, making them extra personal and a great gift selection.
Is it a shopping carrier? Is it a gym bag? is it a travel companion? It's the ultimate in stylish check out the MAHI duffle range now!:

When making each bag, MAHI uses soft leather, sturdy brass fitting and robust YKK zipper. Every bag is built to last. Due to the natural variation and suppleness of leather, no two MAHI bags are alike. Their collection includes Duffles, Holdalls, Backpacks, Satchels and other accessories. These bags are perfect when looking for a highly durable option and the amazing thing is that they ship worldwide!

The company takes its name from the Mahi River in India. For many this is a sacred river and in a country where 103 million people lack safe water its significance is more than symbolic. What's awesome about this company is that, MAHI Leather donates $1.50 from the sale of each bag to FRANK Water, a UK based charity which has helped over 300,000 people gain access to clean water since 2005.

To learn more about MAHI can check them out on:

Let me know your thoughts and check out my style board of what I have in mind for my trip to Quebec, Canada!

Weekend Getaway


Oolala Plus Size Backless Pushup Bra

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Hey Luvs!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you all are having a wonderful start to a new year. I am such an optimistic…a new year for me means new beginnings and with that being said, this past week I recently added a new strapless bra to my under garment collection.

I received a complimentary Oolala Plus Size Backless Pushup Bra With Maximum Comfort from Holly O Boutique. Oolala Plus Size Backless Pushup Bra can be worn under backless garments such as halter tops or evening dresses. This bra is designed to stay out of sight, while providing the maximum support of a normal bra without the straps and hooks.

I was sent a 38 D cup size…this is my current bra size at the moment. I received the product in a cute black box with peach font. The box contained the backless bra, adhesive wings and 3 invisible straps. In order to wear this bra…all you’d have to do is remove the adhesive wings and adhere one wing to each side of the bra…position or align the bra and your breast in place and adhere to clean dry skin.

Since we’re still in the winter season I decided to test out the bra under a white t-shirt. I wore the bra all day and to my surprise I did received maximum support. Usually when I’m wearing a strapless bra I am constantly adjusting and re-positioning the bra, but with Oolala Plus Size Backless Bra the adhesive wings kept the bra in place.

The care instructions for this bra are super easy! To keep this bra clean, simply detached the wings, run both the bra and wings under warm water and wash with mild soap…and then air dry.

Check out the photo below for step by step instructions.

As you can see from the title, this is a plus size bra and the boutique does carry sizes larger than a 38D.  Holly O Boutique does offer a complimentary size consultation for all customers to ensure that you select the perfect bra. All you would need to do is send an inquiry via email before purchasing.

If you’d like to know more about Holly Boutique or to check out the Oolala Plus Size Backless Bra…head over to their website or check them out on their social media #oolalabra.

 *I did receive this free product Tomoson and Holly O Boutique in exchange for my honest opinion.