Oolala Plus Size Backless Pushup Bra

5:11:00 PM Jem Lawren 1 Comments

Hey Luvs!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you all are having a wonderful start to a new year. I am such an optimistic…a new year for me means new beginnings and with that being said, this past week I recently added a new strapless bra to my under garment collection.

I received a complimentary Oolala Plus Size Backless Pushup Bra With Maximum Comfort from Holly O Boutique. Oolala Plus Size Backless Pushup Bra can be worn under backless garments such as halter tops or evening dresses. This bra is designed to stay out of sight, while providing the maximum support of a normal bra without the straps and hooks.

I was sent a 38 D cup size…this is my current bra size at the moment. I received the product in a cute black box with peach font. The box contained the backless bra, adhesive wings and 3 invisible straps. In order to wear this bra…all you’d have to do is remove the adhesive wings and adhere one wing to each side of the bra…position or align the bra and your breast in place and adhere to clean dry skin.

Since we’re still in the winter season I decided to test out the bra under a white t-shirt. I wore the bra all day and to my surprise I did received maximum support. Usually when I’m wearing a strapless bra I am constantly adjusting and re-positioning the bra, but with Oolala Plus Size Backless Bra the adhesive wings kept the bra in place.

The care instructions for this bra are super easy! To keep this bra clean, simply detached the wings, run both the bra and wings under warm water and wash with mild soap…and then air dry.

Check out the photo below for step by step instructions.

As you can see from the title, this is a plus size bra and the boutique does carry sizes larger than a 38D.  Holly O Boutique does offer a complimentary size consultation for all customers to ensure that you select the perfect bra. All you would need to do is send an inquiry via email before purchasing.

If you’d like to know more about Holly Boutique or to check out the Oolala Plus Size Backless Bra…head over to their website or check them out on their social media #oolalabra.

 *I did receive this free product Tomoson and Holly O Boutique in exchange for my honest opinion.