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Hey Luvs,

I hope that you all are enjoying your last few weeks summer. Today I will be doing a review post on my favorite accessory for this type of season….sunglasses. About a month ago Wear Me Pro reached and asked if I wanted to try three pairs of their polarized eyewear. And of course I said yes….I mean…who doesn’t love a new pair of sunglasses or a stylish pair of eyeglasses!!!

Before I get into detail about the three pairs of eyewear I chose. I would like to give a little background info about the company.

WearMe Pro began in 2011 as a small family-owned business in Chicago, and has grown into an international eyewear business provider. Catering to those who know how to keep up with ever-changing trends, WearMe Pro believes quality eyewear shouldn’t be exclusive to only those who can afford designer labels. WearMe Pro is a company that never detached from its original mission: to provided fashionable, affordable eyewear for its smart and stylish customer base.

The three pairs I chose were the Vintage Inspired Classic Wood Print Nerd Wayfarers Clear Lens, Premium Polarized full Mirrored Aviator with Flash Mirror Lens and the Modern Round Double Wire Aviator.

So what are the specs on these eyewear?…Let’s start with the Premium Polarized Full Mirrored Aviator with Flash Mirror Lens. These sunglasses protect you 100% against harmful UVA/UVB rays. These are an extremely light weight pair of glasses for comfort. The mirrored lens are plastic and is in the shade of blue. The frames came in a nice gray faux leather case and packed in side of that case was a cleaning cloth pouch. The overall look of these frames is super stylish. I felt that these particular sunnies looked very expensive and were suitable to be worn at any event.

The Modern Round Double Wire Aviator is a metal frame mirrored lens. These practical sunglasses are not polarized like the Premium Polarized Full Mirrored Aviator. However, due to the dark lens you are still getting a bit of protection from the sun harmful rays. I found these sunglasses to be my fav out of the three pairs. These were really cool to wear. I think that the one feature that makes this pair so fashionable is the doubles wire that’s across the top. These shades also came in a gray faux leather case and a cleaning cloth pouch as well. Like the Premium Polarized Full Mirrored Aviator these sunglasses are just as fashionable and chic.

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When it came to the Vintage Inspired Classic Wood Print Nerd Wayfarers Clear Lens I was really excited to try these clear lenses. I love wearing faux eyeglass as an accessory and I couldn’t wait to try these vintage inspire eyeglasses. I was somewhat disappointed that the true color of the frames verses the online pictures of the frames was a bit different. The actual frame is a couple shades lighter than the rich wood color that was displayed online. Also, this particular color did not complement my skin tone that well. I think these particular frames would look better on someone who's a couple shade lighter than myself. The frames did feel a look and feel a little cheap, but on the other hand frames fit well and were comfortable. Don't get me wrong... these frames are super cute....just not om me.  I also was not a fan of that fact that the eyeglasses came in a plastic bag verses the faux leather case like the sunglasses.

Over all I feel WearMe Pro is definitely an eyewear brand that you should consider. Their eyewears are super stylish and current with today’s trends, but most of all affordable. If you would like to know more about WearMe Pro, head over to their website at: WearMe Pro Store

*This post is powered by WearMe Pro*
I did receive the products in exchange for my honest review.

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  1. Wow this eye wear is super stylish and trendy. You must opt to buy it in latest one. This is what people want to wear and this business gonna be raising in the world.