Sorry I've Been Away....

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Hey Luvs!

I know that I've been somewhat absent from the blog for the past few months. I am truly sorry, but I have been super busy and a lot has happened in the last four months. I know that I don't owe you an explanation because life happens, but  kind of feel that I do.

Hmmm...where should I start? I 9 to 5. In the past four months, my department has gone through two company transfers. Because of this change, I was in Chicago for a week, new login and access to resources took forever. Our clients need extra "tlc"....for they were all confused and the best part of all teammates and I are still unsure of the changes in our job responsibility....for they have not been rolled out as yet. To be quite honest, beside normal everyday life issues... I'm working later than 9 to 5 really has been taking up quite a chunk of my life.

However, I do have a few things down the pipeline that  I can't wait to post about. One of them being a FREE "Subscription" box that I will be giving away to one random subscriber per month. Rules and disclaimers to come, so stay tuned for the updates.

As far as my love for fashion. I was super excited to get the opportunity to attend Styleweek Northeast A/W  2018 this past February. I attended the Saturday night runway show which presented showcases from four designers. Each designer that night....had more than a few pieces that spoke to me! There were designs that had bold pop of colors and ones that had a glamorous tropical resort feel. Models strut down the runway wearing bold statement furs of different hues. There were pieces that showcased a street style that was edgy yet feminine. Honestly, I was so in aww by these designers....I felt as though I picked the best night out of the week. If you would like to see videos and photos from the show...head to my Instagram page @cultureofvenus.

Also in the next few weeks I will be attending a couple of cool fashion events. So stay tuned... I will be doing a recap post on those events.

When it come to beauty, I do have a couple new products that I have tried over the past few months. I will definitely be posting some review on what I think is great and not so great about those products.

Once again guys I am truly sorry that I have been m.i.a, but I'm promising you that I will try to regain a balance so that I am able to post more frequently. Drop me a comment below on what new have been happening to you.

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