Novembers Culture of Venus Beauty Box

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Hey Luvs,

Yayyyy! Our first subscription winner is Sarah W. Congrats Sarah! I hope that will enjoy all the goodies!

I am super excited about theses beauty boxes. I love sharing the products that I like. Feel free to tag @cultureofvenus if you are sharing your excitement on Instagram.

Decembers beauty box is around the corner. Please be sure to read the previous post Culture of Venus Beauty Box Giveaway, for the rules and guidelines. Stay tune!

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Green Tree Jewelry: The Uber Chic Eco-friendly Jewelry Company

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Hey Luvs!

I hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! I am so thankful for the things in life that truly! I had such a great time being around family and friends...its was a day of reminiscing, laughter and comfortableness. I hope that you all had a similar experiences as well.

A about a few days ago, I received two complimentary pairs of earrings from a company called Green Tree Jewelry. I had the option to choose my own pair. I decided to choose two pairs of earrings from their Bamboo collection. Made from sustainable resources, this collection was 25% thinner than their previous designs.

I was really excited to have the opportunity to try out their Recovery Bamboo and Eucalyptus Bamboo earrings, that I decided to plan an outfit around each pair. But before I get into the outfit details, here is a little info about the company:

Green Tree Jewelry is a company that is based in San Diego, CA. They make laser-cut wooden jewelry that are unique, elegant and eco- friendly. The company was founded by Lance Nybye Sr. and his son Lance Nybye Jr., who wanted provide affordable fun jewelry from sustainable resources in the USA.

When one thinks of an outfit with wooden accessories, they might automatically think of a super low-key causal style.... like an oversize or slouchy sweater with baggy boyfriend jeans. But, when I first saw the beautiful artwork on the Eucalyptus Bamboo and the intricate laser design of the Recovery Bamboo...I knew that these earnings could be styled with a more dressier garments. I was aiming for a "business and causal chic" look, with the earrings being the highlight of the outfit.

First look:
Recovery Bamboo Earrings- Green Tree Jewelry
Mustard Wrap Dress- And A Way for Target
Navy Blue Coat- Primark
Blue and Gray Suede Boots- Macy's

Second look:
Recovery Bamboo Earrings- Green Tree Jewelry
White Button-up Shirt- Universal for Target
Black and Gold Scarf- Chanel
Blue Jeans- Lucky Brand
Black Fur Jacket- Sak 5th
Black Patent Leather Heels- BCGB

At one point while wearing the earrings, I had forgotten that I was wearing any all. I really loved how light weight these earrings are. Overall, I think think Green Tree is really awesome! I love the eco-friendly aspect of the brand and how affordable the prices are for each pieces. Green Tree has hundreds of styles and a wide range of me, check them out?! Head to their site and use Promo Code: GTJ10 to get FREE shipping and 10% of your purchase.

Green Tree Jewelry provided products free in exchange for this post. 
All thoughts and opinions are my own.


The Compass Soul-Spinner from M. Kindred

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“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.” – Jennifer Lee

Hey Luvs,

In today's post, I thought I’d tell you a little bit about a beautiful piece of jewelry that I’ve recently fallen in love with. About a week ago, a brand named M Kindred kindly gifted me a gorgeous necklace called the Compass Soul Spinner.

M. Kindred was founded by Rhode Island natives Melanie Ryan and Keri Marden.
This brand makes great quality inspirational jewelry by using semi precious gemstones, sterling silver and gold plated charms. M Kindred's motto is "manifest what you wish", which definitely has meaning to me at this present time.

When it comes to inspirational jewelry, the jewelry may have elements of a symbols, shapes or gemstones which allows us to embrace meaningful or heart warming messages. Sometimes, the simplest symbols are the ones with the most powerful meanings.  For example, the compass...this symbol is usually associated with the meaning of being on a directional path. That you are trusting in your ability to soul-navigate effectively through the world in order to achieve the results you are wanting. And for me at this time, mentally...that is the space I'm in.

So, what are my thoughts on this necklace... it's phenomenal! This silver 18" flat cuban chain makes such a statement as well as being minimal at the same time. You are able to spin the compass pendant back and forth as you are determining what you want to accomplish.
The collection features 5 types of Soul-Spinner necklaces in different finishes and lengths, at a staring price of $48 USD. The packaging is simple and elegant. The necklace arrived in reusable pouch that has the M Kindred name and motto.

M. Kindred has a wide variety of necklaces and charmed bracelets. Most pieces can be found in gold or silver finish. Since the season of giving is practically around the corner, head to their site and check out the array of inspirational pieces. They may bring you or your loved ones the inspiration you need to manifest a better life. Click on M KINDRED to view their collections.

Stay Chic,


Culture of Venus Beauty Box Giveaway

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Hey Luvs!

I hope that you all are having a wonderful day! Today, I am super EXCITED!!!! *Deep breath* The Culture of Venus Beauty Box is finally here! The monthly "subscription box" has officially started this month.

Disclaimer and Rules:

This is "1 FREE subscription box" which is given away ONCE A MONTH to ONE random Culture of Venus Blog subscriber and Instagram follower. Again, you MUST be a subscriber and a Instagram follower.

Please note that this beauty box is personally funded. This box is for subscriber and followers who are GENUINELY interested in the content that Culture of Venus puts out. With that being said...if you un-follow me or  unsubscribe will be put on a NON-ELIGIBLE list.

Here are the rules:
1. Subscribe to Culture of Venus (located in the right side of the blog) Please make sure to check your email to verify your email address so the subscription is valid.

2. Follow @cultureofvenus on Instagram
*Winner must be from the US

Entry closes on the 28th of every month at 11:59pm

Please feel free to share and tag @cultureofvenus on Instagram in any photos if you have received a Culture of Venus Beauty Box.
Good Luck Guys!

**If there are any up and coming beauty brands interested in collaborating with the Culture of Venus Beauty Box, please send an email**
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Designer Interview with Troy Anthony

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Hey Luvs,

I have another exclusive interview with fashion designer Troy Anthony. He is one of my favorite local designers here in Connecticut. One thing that I have noticed in all of Troy's designs, is the fact that every collection is made to compliment the woman....from the look, touch and feel. Here's what Troy Anthony has to say.

I am so happy that we were able to reconnect to discuss your latest collection. For those who may not know you, please re-introduce yourself.

I am a local designer who concentrates on fashion designs that helps solves problems. I have studied oversees in Milan, Italy and I've been designing clothing for over 15 years. I have done over 75 fashion shows, including Hartford fashion week the last 3 years. I love to use my talents to help others and make a positive impact and inspire our youth of today. Fashion is universal, it gives every individual a chance to showcase and communicate how they feel through the way they dress. Personal style to me, is a another form of freedom of speech.

The first question I’d like to ask is, if you could pick anyone from history (living or deceased), who would you most love to see wearing your designs? 

Madonna is the person that comes to mind. I appreciate how she broke down barriers and sparked a movement through her music in fashion. Song “Material Girl” helped shaped fashion trends that is still influential today. I loved how she represented rebellion, reinvention and change. That’s something that’s relevant today. You have to know how to reinvent yourself at any age!

What are some of your biggest dreams you have yet to fulfill?

To become more of an international designer and make an impact with my fashion designs, by being featured in Milan and Paris Fashion week. I would love to design for celebrities and actresses. Another dream of mind, is to design wardrobe for a movie with a production studio.

You have a fashion show coming up and we are excited to see your latest design. Tell us about the collection you are showcasing on November 17th.

I’m focused on showing how a woman can be fashionable at any age. I call it FFMW (Fierce Fabulous Mature Women). I'll be showcasing collections that are versatile. Designs that shows how an older mature women can be fashionable just as well as the younger women of today. The audience will see designs that are functional, designs that have hidden discrete pockets and built in support. Comfortable and versatile pieces that allows you to mix and match and still stay chic.

I have an Olive Drab collection which was inspired by the military. This collection was designed to make women feel strong and empowered. We incorporated neutral colors that is trendy and looks great on any skin tone.

Our Rose Gold collection for the upcoming Spring highlights hues that are soft and subtle which compliments a woman shape. This collection is great on most skin tones because it’s the in-between of gold for warm skin tones and silver for cool skin tones. Rose is associated with compassion, warmth, composure and significance. And throughout history, gold has be associated with elegance.

Our Vintage Mod is bringing back a classic design and giving it a modern twist that meets the lifestyle needs of a working woman. This design gives her options within her wardrobe. Our retro designs show that you can wear a classic piece but still have the features of a modern fashion must have. Inspired by all things vintage, our favorite era is the 50’s and 60's. This was one of the era of fashion innovation for women and we believe that everything comes back in style eventually. This collection simply shows you how easy it is to go from the office to a social affair.

Can you explain what was the design process like for this new collection? From capturing inspiration to the final design.

The designs were inspired by my clients. They came to me with wardrobe problems they faced and  for pieces they were looking for, but couldn’t find in a store. A couple examples of issues were the lack of pockets on clothing and how uncomfortable the lining of a garment can be.
While working with my older and mature clients, I did a test collection and photoshoot using some of the clients as models. This helped sparked a whole collection and below are a few photos from that photoshoot. The clients expressed that the garments made them feel powerful, independent, free and comfortable. Based on that feedback, I decided to design more dresses, blouses and pants that represented that feeling. I used my strong sense of color and handpicked fabrics knowing that the designs would be providing quality, comfort, freedom and flexibility.

Tell us about the future plans for Troy Anthony, what’s next for the brand?

Our goal is to open up a store location in Hartford, CT where we can help people solve more fashion related issues and assist to meet their wardrobe needs. We are using technology with fashion to become more agile. State of the art technology gives customers a better and more efficient customer experience which allows them to understand their shape and body type. It helps them choose the right  silhouettes to wear and which ones to stay away from...same with colors. We have recently expanded into the world of undergarments. We have designed bras that are more comfortable and provides much more support. Were excited to expand the Troy Anthony Undergarments. Visit for more info.

There’s so much pressure for designers to come out with their greatest collection season after season. What advice would you give to young designers on handling that pressure? 

To perfect your craft. Focus on what your good at. Fashion is a wide variety...if you narrow it down to concentrate on one thing such as evening gowns or swim wear, new designs will come naturally. Last but not least, always listen to the customers, chances are there always right.

How can the readers find out more about your upcoming show?

By visiting us online at, subscribing to our email list and following is on social media. IG: @TroyAnthonyFashion, FB: Twitter: @troyanthony81


Style Post: Painting the Park Red

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Hey Luvs,

Happy November! I am so excited to share this outfit post with you all. It's been quite some time since I last post an outfit on this blog. If you're following me on Instagram (@cultureofvenus), then you'll see that I am posting looks frequently, but there are no details about the looks.

A couple of weeks ago, a wig brand called eNilecor had sent me a complimentary wig and they wanted me to test the wig out and post a pic of myself wearing the wig. I could have simply take a couple of regular selfies (which I did) and be done with the collaboration, but there was just something about this wig. I was really inspired to create an edgy, sexy yet classy look and all that came to mind was RED!

I could't decide if I wanted to do a full red look or to have one bold statement piece.....I went with the statement piece. Check out the outfit details below.

Here's what I wore:
Red Quilted Detail Coat- Venus Clothing
Black Surplice Blouse- Macys
Black Faux Leather Studded Worthington Skirt- JCPenney
Black Patent Leather Heels- BCBG

Leave a comment below and let me know what you guys think of this outfit. Can't wait to hear your thoughts. If you are interested in the wig I wore, head over to their Amazon page:

Stay Chic,