Green Tree Jewelry: The Uber Chic Eco-friendly Jewelry Company

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Hey Luvs!

I hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! I am so thankful for the things in life that truly! I had such a great time being around family and friends...its was a day of reminiscing, laughter and comfortableness. I hope that you all had a similar experiences as well.

A about a few days ago, I received two complimentary pairs of earrings from a company called Green Tree Jewelry. I had the option to choose my own pair. I decided to choose two pairs of earrings from their Bamboo collection. Made from sustainable resources, this collection was 25% thinner than their previous designs.

I was really excited to have the opportunity to try out their Recovery Bamboo and Eucalyptus Bamboo earrings, that I decided to plan an outfit around each pair. But before I get into the outfit details, here is a little info about the company:

Green Tree Jewelry is a company that is based in San Diego, CA. They make laser-cut wooden jewelry that are unique, elegant and eco- friendly. The company was founded by Lance Nybye Sr. and his son Lance Nybye Jr., who wanted provide affordable fun jewelry from sustainable resources in the USA.

When one thinks of an outfit with wooden accessories, they might automatically think of a super low-key causal style.... like an oversize or slouchy sweater with baggy boyfriend jeans. But, when I first saw the beautiful artwork on the Eucalyptus Bamboo and the intricate laser design of the Recovery Bamboo...I knew that these earnings could be styled with a more dressier garments. I was aiming for a "business and causal chic" look, with the earrings being the highlight of the outfit.

First look:
Recovery Bamboo Earrings- Green Tree Jewelry
Mustard Wrap Dress- And A Way for Target
Navy Blue Coat- Primark
Blue and Gray Suede Boots- Macy's

Second look:
Recovery Bamboo Earrings- Green Tree Jewelry
White Button-up Shirt- Universal for Target
Black and Gold Scarf- Chanel
Blue Jeans- Lucky Brand
Black Fur Jacket- Sak 5th
Black Patent Leather Heels- BCGB

At one point while wearing the earrings, I had forgotten that I was wearing any all. I really loved how light weight these earrings are. Overall, I think think Green Tree is really awesome! I love the eco-friendly aspect of the brand and how affordable the prices are for each pieces. Green Tree has hundreds of styles and a wide range of me, check them out?! Head to their site and use Promo Code: GTJ10 to get FREE shipping and 10% of your purchase.

Green Tree Jewelry provided products free in exchange for this post. 
All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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