Its a New Year and We're Exploring New Fashion Trends for Spring 2019

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Hey Luvs,

2019 is officially here! I hope you all are having a wonderful start to the new year. Can you believe that we are about a month away from spring! After seeing what’s hot for the upcoming season, I am really excited about some of the fashion trends for spring 2019.

We are going to be seeing a lot of new trends for spring/summer of 2019. I wanted to share with you the trends that I will be incorporating into my wardrobe this spring. As a blogger and as a person who loves fashion, one of my personal goals this year was to explore and try out more of fashion trends of that current season. Personally, my style is usually not led by the current trend, however current trends can be an inspiration for a new look.

I did some research. I watched recaps of several designer Spring/Summer 19 runway shows and I have narrowed it down to 4 trends that I will be exploring this spring. So here they are:


Its all about the bows. When I saw that bows were making a comeback, all I could think of was the 80s…Pretty in Pink. For this season, bows are about making a statement…the bigger the bow…the better. I feel that we are going to be seeing bows on bags, blouse, jackets and as a hair accessory. Honestly I am really excited about this trend, for I can resurrect few bags in my closet that I have with bows.

Colored Tailoring

This trend will be a first for me, for I don’t own a full pantsuit in any other color except black. Designers have given your average suit a colorful update with vibrant hues that can be worn for both day and night. Suits will be available in colors such as pink, red, orange, green, blue and yes….yellow!

Frills & Ruffles

This trend is super feminine. They are calling this trend the “dolled up” look. We’re going to be seeing a lot of playfully colorful dresses, skirts and blouse with layers. Out of all this trend, I think this is the one that I will be wearing the most….just like the one I’m wearing in the photo.


Lace has transformed in a new way. When we think of lace, we usually think of soft, pretty and feminine. Spring 19 lace will be boxier and have a masculine silhouette. This lace will most likely be used as layering to ones look.

So there you have it! Those are the trends that will be inspiring my spring outfit post. with that being said, one thing that I've that I already have quite a few pieces in my closet that ties in with spring 19 trends. My advise to you would be to take a look in your closet before you go on a fashion might find a hidden "jem". Drop me a comment below on what 2019 trends you'll be exploring this spring.

Stay Chic, 

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